This bangle adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. 22K Bangle with Gross Weight 36.84 Grams
Rs. 226,012.00
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Bracelet 11
Charming Beaded bracelet set in 22kt Yellow Gold with Gross Weight 3.82 Grams
Rs. 25,692.00
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Bracelet 17
Bracelet in 22KT Yellow Gold (2.84 grams)
Rs. 19,298.00
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Bracelet 21
Bracelet in 22KT Yellow Gold  (3.22 grams)
Rs. 21,761.00
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Bracelet 25
Bracelet in 22Kt Yellow Gold( 6.12 grams )
Rs. 40,757.00
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Bracelet 27
Bracelet with Gross weight of 2.81 grams and stone weight of 0.1 grams.The net weight is 2.71 grams.
Rs. 18,467.00
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Bracelet 28
Bracelet in 22Kt Yellow Gold( 3.59 grams )
Rs. 24,185.00
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Bracelet 29
Bracelet in 22KT Yellow Gold (2.22 grams)
Rs. 15,211.00
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Bracelet 43
Bracelet with Gross weight of 3.06 grams and stone weight of 0.12 grams.The net weight is 2.94 grams
Rs. 19,983.00
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Bracelet 44
Charming Classy Bracelet in 22 KT Yellow Gold With Gross Weight 8.74 Grams, Stone Weight 0.49 Grams And the Net Weight  8.25 Grams
Rs. 58,146.00
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Bracelet 45
Bracelet in 22Kt Yellow Gold (5.41 grams)
Rs. 36,107.00
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Bracelet 52
Elegant Bracelet  in 22 Karat in yellow Gold with Gross weight of 5.89grams .
Rs. 39,251.00
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Bracelets 22
Bracelet in 22Kt Yellow Gold( 3.18 grams)
Rs. 21,499.00
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Bracelets 24
Bracelets in 22Kt Yellow Gold( 4.62 grams)
Rs. 30,932.00
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Chain 36
Chain in 22Kt Yellow Gold( 11.91 grams )
Rs. 78,683.00
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Copy of pendant-FPS-15
This beautiful 22 Karat yellow gold pendant features a Peacock style having Gross weight 2.099 Grams and Stone weight 0.04 grams and Net weight 2.059 Grams.
Rs. 14,175.00
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Earring -1
Earring in 22Kt Yellow Gold( 8.09 grams )
Rs. 53,661.00
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Earring -ESST1368
Gilded Dreams: Chase your aspirations while wearing these stunning 22K gold earrings with Gross Weight 2.50 Grams and Stone Weight 0.01 Grams 
Rs. 15,584.00
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Earring -MJES-1
Earring in 22 Kt Yellow Gold with Gross Weight 2.68 Grams Stone Weight 0.09 Grams and Net Weight is 2.59 Grams
Rs. 18,266.00
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Earring -PST-3
Short drop earrings crafted in 22 Karat Yellow Gold and Gross weight 3.5 Grams.
Rs. 23,595.00
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Earring 06
Earring with Gross weight of 2.37 grams and stone weight of 0.68 grams.The net weight is 1.69 grams
Rs. 12,055.00
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Earring 07
Earring with Gross weight of 3.82 grams and stone weight of 0.15 grams .The net weight is 3.67 grams
Rs. 24,779.00
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Earring 08
Earring with Gross weight of 4.21 grams and stone weight of 0.43 grams. The net weight is 3.78 grams
Rs. 25,629.00
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Earring 108
22K yellow gold earring with 2.5 grams
Rs. 17,045.00
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