Earrings - ESST1389
Glamour Unleashed: Unleash your inner diva with the enchanting aura of 22K gold with Gross Weight 1.90 Grams and 0.05 Grams 
Rs. 11,760.00
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Earrings - ESST1396
Chic Sophistication: Elevate your style with the understated charm of 22K gold with Gross Weight 1.96 Grams and Stone Weight 0.03 Grams.
Rs. 12,241.00
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Earrings - ESPL0902
Golden Gleam: Illuminate any occasion with the unmatched brilliance of 22K gold Gross Weight Gross Weight 2.70 Grams
Rs. 16,919.00
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Luxury Redefined: Redefine elegance with the unmatched radiance of 22K gold Gross Weight 2.40 Grams and Stone Weight 0.03 Grams
Rs. 14,923.00
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Earrings - ESST1370
Golden Cascade: Experience the allure of liquid gold with these mesmerizing 22K earrings with Gross Weight 1.70 Grams and Stone Weight 0.09 Grams
Rs. 10,318.00
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Dripping in Gold: Embrace the richness of 22K gold with these exquisite earrings with Gross Weight 1.47 Grams and Stone Weight 0.03 Grams 
Rs. 9,435.00
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A Touch of Opulence: Elevate your style with the radiant beauty of 22K gold with Gross Weight 1.50 Grams Net Weight 0.03 Grams 
Rs. 9,436.00
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Earrings-ESST 1405
Golden Whispers: These 22K gold earrings tell tales of luxury and grace with Gross Weight 1.50 Grams and Stone Weight 0.07 Grams
Rs. 9,211.00
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Elegance in Every Angle: Adorn yourself with the shimmering allure of 22K gold earrings with Gross Weight 2.50 Grams and Stone Weight 0.12 Grams
Rs. 15,024.00
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Earrings 12
Earring in 22Kt Yellow Gold( 6.01 grams )
Rs. 39,367.00
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Matte Leaf Patterned Contemporary Gold Stud Earring in 22 KT Gold Yellow with Gross Weight 3.02 Grams Stone Weight 0.02 Grams and The Net Weight 3 Grams
Rs. 20,330.00
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Elegant pretty drop earrings crafted in 22 Karat Yellow Gold having Gross weight 3.34 Grams and Stone weight .02 Grams with a high polished finish with Net weight3.32 Grams.
Rs. 22,426.00
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Elegant Peacock Shaped Earring Stud in 22KT Yellow Gold 4.66 Grams
Rs. 31,194.00
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Floral Shaped Stud Earring in 22 KT Yellow Gold 3.59 Grams
Rs. 24,185.00
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Simple Daily Wear Stud Earrings with a Stunning Floral Design Crafted in 22 Karat Glossy Yellow Gold having Gross weight 2.86 Grams.
Rs. 19,403.00
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